CBD Oil for Hair Growth

CBD Oil and Hair Growth:- CBD Oil has been making its rounds on the internet lately, for several benefits that have cropped up after extensive scientific research. CBD, the common name for Cannabidiol is one of the several chemical compounds which are called cannabinoids that are found in marijuana/cannabis plants, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa. CBD offers relief from severe pain and anxiety. It is a preferred option as it is not a psychoactive drug and doesn’t alter the mind in any way.

CBD Oil has reached the spotlight due to its professed ability to relieve pain, help with depression, anxiety, reduce symptoms related to cancer, and even help insomnia and acne! All by interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

However, another use of this magic compound will blow the hair off your head, or rather, fill it right up.

Will CBD Oil help my hair grow?

The answer to that question is, yes! Isn’t it wonderful how one tiny compound from a host of compounds can do all these things?

Several reasons probably led you to this article: thinning hair, hair fall, lack of growth, bald spots, and even itchy scalps. You might have tried countless remedies, coconut oil, hair masks with egg, curd, honey, and even switched your chemical-laden shampoo to a herbal concoction; however, none of these seems to work, do they? Well, CBD Oil is no impostor. It is full to the brim with Omega Fatty acids like Omega-6, Omega-9, and Omega-3 which help lock the moisture in and nourish as well as locks in the cuticles. As if this wasn’t a miracle on its own, CBD Oil also helps with blood circulation, which in turn helps increase the strength of hair strands and encourages their growth.

All in all, CBD has a lot of properties that ensure hair growth and is a definitive solution for the same.

CBD Oil Benefits for hair:

Along with the characteristics above that make CBD Oil an answer to those looking for hair growth, there are several other areas that this miracle compound can affect and help. CBD Oil helps with itchiness and dry scalp and treats other scalp related issues due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Another use is to treat and prevent the breakage of hair and damage caused by several factors. CBD Oil also helps nourish dry and limp hair and give it life and bounce that makes every step you take seem like you’re in the “after” segment of a commercial. Along with this, CBD Oil, of course, helps with hair growth due to hormonal imbalances, and stress as well.

CBD Oil is also rich in antioxidants. These Vitamins A, C, and E have a protective property over your hair and help face the harsh everyday environment without causing damage to your hair!

How to use CBD Oil for hair loss:

In order to receive maximum benefits from the oil, it is best to apply it as one would apply any other hair oil: directly onto your head. You can either use it alone on your problem areas (more cost-effective as CBD Oil leans to the slightly expensive side), or mix it with other oils, such a coconut oil or any essential hair oil, and use it as a hair oil mask before washing it off. You can also mix a little CBD Oil in your shampoo to avail of its benefits with every wash! (Warning: Only use a little CBD Oil with your shampoo as too much will leave your hair greasy) You can also buy CBD infused shampoos to save you the hassle!

Ingestion is mostly frowned upon as a hair treatment as several of the oil’s properties are lost while ingested. However, if your hair loss is stress-induced, ingestion is the way to go as CBD Oil reduces cortisol levels. The oil, in this case, alleviates the cause of your hair loss!

How to use CBD Oil for hair growth:

Maybe your hair is thinning, or maybe your hair refuses to grow anymore. Don’t worry, miracle compound to the rescue! Just a little CBD Oil slathered onto your hair, paired with a stimulating massage will set your hair growing in record lengths and increased girth! CBD Oil nourishes the scalp and ensures that it gets all the nutrients that it needs to maintain a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Following the same steps and tips provided in the previous subsection as well as this, along with your regular hair routine, will ensure a change that everyone will be questioning for months. You are sure to be the object of envy among friends, relatives, and co-workers alike, with your luscious, thick, healthy hair, courtesy of CBD Oil!

Before and after using CBD Oil for hair growth:

How can one embark on a new routine without a little visual proof, right? Don’t worry; there are several testaments that you will find online, of people showcasing the wonders of using the revered oil. Here’s one for easy access that will be sure to blow your socks away, but keep your hair on your head.



Source: vegamour.com (no copyright infringement is intended)

Isn’t it beautiful? The hair looks healthier, and there is an apparent reduction of hair loss, and the bald spots have closed up! Here’s another one:

Source: https://www.create-2nd-income.com/wordpress/2019/03/02/ctfo-cbd- oil-testimonials-about-hair-growth-and-wrinkle-remover-products/ (No copyright infringement is intended)

This one is more prominent and shows a very satisfactory result! Are you already excited to buy your first vial of CBD Oil and get these fantastic results for yourself? You should be! But don’t know where to start looking? Don’t worry; we got you!

Where to buy CBD Oil for hair growth:

CBD Oil can be found in several beauty and wellness stores and even medical stores. However, if it is difficult to source stores that keep it in stock, there are several options online as well.

  • Amazon: Amazon delivers CBD Oil to your doorstep and has several options with reviews that you can trust and go by.
  • CBD Daily: CBD Daily sells a shampoo product that fits the description well!
  • Bluebird Botanicals: a one-stop-shop for all marijuana-related products.
  • CBD SkinCare.co: has its own formula for a CBD shampoo.

Final Verdict

Well, there you have it, an informative guide addressing the what, how, when, and where’s of the elixir that is CBD Oil. Make sure to hop on the CBD Oil train and sashay your way through the day, hair flying in the air, making your step lighter!

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