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Cher Pays Tribute To ‘Amazing’ Co-StarOlympia Dukakis After Her Death: ‘RIP DearOne’

Cher took to Twitter to adulate Olympia Dukakis, who played her mom in the mainstream 1987 film ‘Moonstruck’, after her demise and uncovered she conversed with her ‘3 weeks prior.’

Cher, 74, presented a contacting accolade on her previous co-star Olympia Dukakis, who died at 89 years old on May 1, in a post brimming with pictures on Twitter. The vocalist, who worked with the late entertainer in the 1987 parody Moonstruck, called her “astounding” and referenced her late spouse Louis Zorich in the sweet tweet. The depictions she connected showed the gushing couple presenting and grinning together.

Cher followed up her first tweet with additional, including one about Olympia’s chronic sickness and a portion of the last things she said to her. “Composed This Hrs Ago, But Didn’t hit Twt😔. Heard Olympia Was Sick So Called Her Daughter and Said Could I Talk 2 Her,” the tweet read. “She Said ‘She probably won’t HEAR or SPEAK’. I Called In2 The Receiver’ Olympia It’s Cher, I ❤️You.’ Remember Moonstruck, She Said ‘gracious cher,I❣️you.’ She Was Weak But Happy. Tear O.”

A third tweet highlighted cites from one of the popular scenes between her character, Loretta, and Olympia’s character, Rose, in Moonstruck. “You never consider Friends, Loved Ones Leaving, But Thank God We Can See Them,” she composed. “Rose ‘DO YOU LOVE HIM LORETTA’ Loretta ‘NO’ Rose ‘Great. CAUSE WHEN YOU LOVE THEM THEY DRIVE YOU CRAZY, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CAN’.”

Cher’s caring messages come only minutes after Olympia’s passing stood out as truly newsworthy. She passed on Saturday morning in New York City, as per her sibling Apollo Dukakis, 85, who affirmed her demise on Facebook. “My dearest sister, Olympia Dukakis, spent away toward the beginning of today in New York City,” he wrote in his post. “After numerous long periods of bombing wellbeing she is at last settled and with her Louis.”

Olympia’s demise hits hard for the diversion world. She’s left a great inheritance, however, that remembers an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress class for her part as Rose in Moonstruck. She leaves behind three youngsters.

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